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Mickey Mouse
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LEGO Star Wars 120 x 240

Best Birthday Party Places in...

Saint John, New Brunswick

Birthday Place Category Description
Cherry Brook Zoo Zoo / Aquarium Home to many exotic and endangered species including the Siberian Tiger, Snow Leopard, Golden Lion Tamarin and Goeldi monkey. Mini golf on site also! Call for kids party details.
Gamezilla Video Games You can rent a room at Gamezilla and have a Wii or Xbox 360™ party. They take care of the clean up afterwards.
Just Play Indoor Playground A large play structure of tunnels, slides and more, plus a toddler area, their unique LED game floor, and sports corner...Just Play is a great place for a kids birthday party. You get a private room, host, cake, food, drinks, a t-shirt for the birthday child, and exclusive use of plasma cars. There is also big screen TV and wireless internet for the parents.
Bowlarama Bowling Bowling and arcade games for the kids and you can go with the Bowlopolis theme if desired. Bumper bowling is made available for kids.
Lord Beaverbrook Arena Ice Skating No official website. Seasonal rink. Contact them at (506) 652-6710 for details.
Peter G. Murray Arena Ice Skating No official website. Seasonal rink. Contact them at (506) 658-2809 for details.
Michaels Arts & Crafts Customized craft party projects around something that’s special to you -- whether it’s a favorite sport, unique hobby or personal talent.
Empire Theatres Movie Theatre Watch your little one get excited as they get to pick what movie to bring all their friends to. Empire Theatres birthday party packages include reserved seating, a free "future visit" pass for the birthday child, popcorn, drinks and treats, as well as a souvenir for every child.
McDonald's Restaurant Remember McDonald`s parties when you were a kid? Now its time to celebrate with your child. Most restaurants offer play places.
Aitken Bicentennial Exhibition Centre (ABEC) Science Centre No official website. Kids will enjoy ScienceScape, the hands on science centre, while learning at the same time. Call ABEC at (506) 633-4870 for more details.
Seramik Studio  Ceramics / Pottery No official website. Pottery painting party. Contact them at (506) 693-9525 for more details.

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